Research Interest

Chi-Jia’s research experience started during her time at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She worked as a research assistant on interactive storytelling projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Her responsibilities included literature review, budget management, experimental design, data collection, and analysis.

Her initial research delved into the exploration of readers’ emotions and emotional comprehension. The research findings were not only presented at international conferences but also earned the Best Presentation Award.

Inspired by topics such as emotional understanding and experience, as well as mental health issues. Her current research interest focuses on enhancing international students’ sense of belonging through positive psychology interventions. Her goal is to integrate positive education into instructional design to improve students’ well-being, helping them utilize positive thinking when facing adversity and challenges, ultimately achieving a state of psychological flourishing.

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Hsieh, C. J. (2020). Effects of Different Narrative Perspectives on Readers’ Emotion, Emotion Understanding, Reading Motivation, Reading Comprehension and Reading Experience. [Master’s thesis, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology].

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Conference Proceeding

Hsieh, C. J. (2023, March 30) The Effects of AR-enhanced Storybooks in Children’s Engagement and Attitude Change Towards Environmental Sustainability. 2023 Annual Graduate Student Education Research Symposium (AGSERS), Indiana, U.S.A.
Hsieh, C. J. & Kao, G. Y. M. (2020, August 13-14) Effects of Different Narrative Perspectives on Readers’ Emotion, Reading Behaviors and Experience. 2020 International Conference on Emotion and Cognitive Science (ICECS), Venice, Italy

*Best Presentation Award